Young Ones Portfolio Winner 2023

Hey, I'm Jeremy. 
I'm a Copywriter who has worked with clients including Amazon, Kingsford, Crayola, The Chosen, and Brigham Young University. 
Currently based out of MA. 
If you want to talk or send me a funny bird video, please reach out.
5 Random facts about me.

1.  I'm from Pleasant Grove, Utah
2.  I don't believe that dating apps work despite meeting my wonderful wife on one. 
3. I lived in Spain for 3 months when I was 13 and for 2 years when I was 20. 
4. I speak Spanish (Because of the whole living in Spain thing.)
5. I have an irrational love of PEANUTS (comic strip), STAR WARS, RAY BRADBURY, and horror movies that make me depressed for a week. If you like these things too, can we be friends? 

5 Reasons why I’ve always wanted to be in a band: 

1. You get to play cool instruments. 
I remember watching the Ninja Turtles rock band on VHS as a kid and wanting to be just as cool as Donatello playing the key-tar. (Yes the Ninja Turtles had a rock band. And you can’t ever convince me it wasn’t amazing.) 

2. I am constantly writing new band names and compiling them into a massive list. 
Such as: 
​​​​​ Geometric Bears, Cartoon Snuff Film, Pirate Aesthetic, ASMR Cannon, Cream of Meat, Almost Amish, Diagonal Cyclops, Birthday Cone, Graveyard Sheep, Velcro Head, Joan of Bark, Bark of the covenant, Noah’s Bark, Jah Humbug, Head Band, Legitimate Crabs.​​​​​Crustaceous Earthlings, Space Ocean, Russian Baby, Monkey Butler, Serpent Oil, Overnight Picnic, Teenage Livingroom, Gothic Panda, LED Basketball, Squiggly Lips, Chicken Man, Tender Eyes, ProPain Tank, WindowSill Wonder, Wasabi Apocalypse, Premeditated Pun, Catfish in Chernobyl, Hugh Manatee, Super Sailors, Sea Dwellers, ABandInCar, Sushi Snuggles. 

3. My former drum teacher is famous. 
He is the drummer for a band called Desert Noises. They are doing pretty well out in Nashville. They’ve released several albums and have gotten some of their songs on tv. 
4. I love being creative. 
Writing lyrics is basically writing poetry and as someone who would rather express emotions on paper than in person, I'm into that. 
5. I crave validation.
Who gets more validation than a tight-pantsed rock star playing in front of thousands of people?

5 Reasons why that will probably never happen: 

1. I don’t know how to play any instruments. 
2. Instead of practicing I spent all my time writing band names. 
3. My former drum teacher was my sister’s high school boyfriend. They broke up after one month of him teaching me. I never saw him again. 
4. I hate the spotlight. 
5. I’m beginning to think I’m a writer. 

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